Toronto for the Montrealer

I don’t know why I keep referring to my adolescence to explain how I feel now?Maybe it’s because the highs were much higher and the lows were much lower (and no, this is not a drug reference).  Toronto was the devil to a Montreal teenager, born and raised in the city of…Celine Dion? There’s gotta be someone better…William Shatner? I guess so long as he’s not singing…

So. Montreal. Beautiful city — full of life, culture, beauty…uh…Frenchness, imposing Frenchness, at times racially and linguistically intolerant Frenchness…Ah, Montréal…

As a kid, I would have never seen myself living in Toronto. Back in my addled, MuchMusic vs. MusiquePlus days, Toronto was the city that had everything. The best music festivals, all the great bands stopped there twice during their world tour, home of George Stroumboulopoulous, booming film industry (to Canadian standards), etc., etc. I envied the favouritism. But like all people, I grew up; hating Toronto was just a phase I was hesitant to shake off since I had been very vocal about it in the old days to the point that it became a part of my identity.

Here I am, a borderline adult, living in the bigger city, with no intention of moving back to Montreal. I moved to Toronto and saw it as simply moving to another city with more opportunity. At first I was disenchanted by the city’s inconsistent architecture, over-gentrified downtown and overwhelming hugeness. Now I kinda love it. Except for the condo-heavy downtown –gentrification can go to hell.

Toronto is like ugly on the outside and quite beautiful on the inside. Montreal is great, but Montreal is also the reason why I moved to Toronto 😛

I do miss a good Montreal bagel though...

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