I finally got around to it. I finally saw The Expendables. Despite the mixed, predominantly negative reviews available to the public in regards to this action-packed, testosterone-driven, pissing-contest of a movie, I really enjoyed it. Again, knowing me, there were some flaws… The difference between The Expendables and another action flick of the past decade … More Expenderrific!

Gallo’s Got Galls: An Open Letter to Vincent Gallo

Dear Vincent, I’m a huge fan of your work. Well, Buffalo 66. I really hate the Brown Bunny. After seeing Promises Written in Water, I understand where you are going and how you are growing as an artist. I guess you can’t expect us to expect something particular in your films, but that doesn’t mean … More Gallo’s Got Galls: An Open Letter to Vincent Gallo

Noush Gets Whimsical

When I was approached (not personally, it was a mass callout) by my sort-of friend — Mumbai-based folk artist, Noush Like Sploosh — to spread the word on the upcoming release of her debut album Whimcycle, I was like, “Sure.” I have this here blog so why the hell not? This street-teaming is to be … More Noush Gets Whimsical

25 Candles

Birthdays incite your friends to peer pressure you into confessing the amount of embarrassing moments equivalent to the year you just turned. No? Well, my friends peer pressured me to do that, ok? I didn’t get very far in the confessional as most of the embarrassing moments of my life had been conveniently blocked out… … More 25 Candles