Jonesing for Ms. Jonesy’s Blog

Gen Jones’ blog reads like a film noir about to happen, perhaps wielded by the hands of John Waters and told through the eyes, mind and mouth of a young woman who has just moved to the big(ger) city in search of more opportunity (a story I know all too well). In her quest for the better/the new/the more, she finds herself living in Sketchville downtown T.O., surviving in an apartment complex with roommate-strangers, strange neighbors, Larry the landlord and her trusty feline by her side. A creative hotbed maybe that feels to the author and places the reader in what she calls “some kind of bizarre indie flick”.

She’s got charisma, speaks with a rhythm like Bukowski and spins the prosaic in her edgy language reminiscent of a much more cohesive Chuck Palaniuk. A gal who is living what she writes, Jonesy does not shy away from the grotesque and embraces the finesse inherent, if any or whenever available.

An excerpt from her latest post so matter-of-factly titled, “Shirtless Guy”:

Sad sauce about Darren moving out.  With his musical instruments and gladsome vibe he really brightened up the place.  I’ll tell you more about him in another entry though.  Today I want to tell you about his replacement, Shirtless Guy.  For three months I didn’t even know what his real name was, that’s how highly I regard him.  By the time I actually learned it,  it was too late.  He will forever be known as “Shirtless Guy”. Read more…


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