*Crickets* The sounds you and I heard coming from my blog these last three months: *crickets*

Should I apologize?

Are you kidding me? I am not going to apologize. No. Well…maybe. Instead I will tell you the top 10 things I did in my absence from the blog-o-sphere, but more than anything I was my own obstacle.

1) Rekindling my nostalgia of Americana…

…by visiting Chicago. I went there after a month of treading the streets of Toronto all of a sudden absolutely hating the city. I didn’t want to return after a week of Chicago tourism, finding comfort in tall buildings, Frank Lloyd Wright, jazz and yogourt ads voiced by Willem Dafoe. The idea of North American life I grew up with was here; why leave? Chicago was Toronto but better. Rose-coloured glasses, right? Anyway, a nice vacation from the stop-start reality that is Toronto, to which I eventually gave another shot.

2) Money isn’t everything, but standing up for yourself is.

No comment, but yeah…

3) Advanced feature film writing.

Started in April 2012 and goes on for the rest of my life.

4) Law & Order once a day keeps my lawyer aspirations at bay…

…and my writer aspirations afloat 🙂 This may be against popular belief, but Executive Assistant D.A. Ben Stone is far more compelling than Jack McKoy, despite Michael Moriarty being nuts (I recently wikipedia-ed Michael Moriarty to understand why and…yeah, he’s nuts – no way around that can of worms…)

5) Pulled a Vincent Gallo…

…with the intent to avoid the festival scene like the plague, but was charmed by Denis Côté’s doc Bestiaire. So, failed. Vincent Gallo would be disappointed.

6) Worked for money. Too much.

And burnt out. But survived with no cold or flu!

7) Discovered I am not a good party hostess…

…which is bad. To be a good party hostess is like being a good film director…sort of…if your guests are like your audience, you must connect with them!

8) Writing for fun is not a myth, I’ve done it!

But not as much as I would have were I regularly writing my blog.

9) Celebrated 2 years of blogging…

…by not blogging.

10) Turned 27…

…and am nowhere near to where Lena Dunham is professionally. And that’s okay because I am not Lena Dunham and I don’t want to be, nor should you.


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