Anita Abbasi is a filmmaker, content creator and martial artist based in Toronto.

Hailing from two disparate immigrant backgrounds, Anita’s work often centres on identity and belonging. Thematic influences include: art as resistance, Hollywood’s Golden Age, cinéma vérité, the interplay of sound, music and image, class, and feminism bent on inclusivity and intersectionality. She holds a BA in Creative Writing and Art History, and studied film directing under Deepa Mehta.


In 2014, she forged a partnership with Martin Baena. Their first short film, The Talent Scout, about a travelling conman, screened at KurzFilmFestival in Diessen Am Ammersee, Germany. Their follow-up Mariah ¡qué baile! is in pre-production.


Anita is also a practitioner and instructor of Aikido. She teaches youth at her home dojo and holds workshops through other youth organizations. Her teachings focus on building an awareness of one’s body, its connection to others and the spaces we navigate. She received her black belt in June 2016 and is First Aid-certified.